New York Loss–To Boston

There’s something off-putting about a politician whose first noticeable bit of legislation is to destroy a nostalgic/romantic aspect of his or her city.

It’s almost hard to believe that New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has announced he’ll go after the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park.

That would almost be like the Selectmen of Stockbridge trying to close the Norman Rockwell Museum because a gun can be seen in the holster of the State Trooper at the counter in the painting called The Runaway.

Over the last decade or so Boston teams have been winning championships at roughly four times the rate of New York teams.

The travel industry is competition too.

When you have friends who want to travel east, remind them that a message can be sent if they choose Boston over New York.

Not that Massachusetts isn’t progressive, but at least the Dirty Water-anians aren’t tearing down Fenway Park because of the toxic green paint.



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