Gowdy Standoff

If you’re an old timer from Pittsfield, you recall a paper and office supply company downtown called Gowdy-Shandoff.

Like so many of the treasured businesses of our past, it’s a fading memory of a better time.

I encourage all my readers to get to know a congressman from South Carolina named Trey Gowdy.

Not sure if there’s a connection to the Pittsfield family, but I do know there’s a link to a nearby Paper Company called the N.Y. Times.

You see, Mr. Gowdy has little tolerance for games being played on the backs of four dead Americans.

The buck should’ve stopped somewhere at the top of our current Administration–but–like all Obama/Clinton failures, they’re swept under the rug, hidden from the low information voter.

Thank you Trey, for speaking out against America’s latest arm of tyranny…lies from the top, covered by a one-time intellectually honest free press.

Watch and remember folks…this man is part of our history.

So was truth from the papers–but those days are gone.


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