The Biggest Story of 2013–Is You

Last night Natalie and I watched a program that recapped the so-called “biggest” stories of the year.

After an hour, realizing NBC was talking mostly about videos on YouTube that had gone “viral,” I came to the conclusion that their opinions didn’t exactly line up with mine.

I was tempted today to tell you–again–what my view of the biggest story is, but then I thought…if you read this blog, you already know.

The bottom line for 2013 is the same for 2014…life is about You.

What You do with it.

How You love.

How You give.

How You lead.

How You trust.

How You pray.

How You believe.

How You stay loyal.

Turn your back now and then on the Tube and remember, with God’s help, You are the biggest story of the year.


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