It’s Y2K Again–Where Nothing’s Happening

For those who remember the hype in 1999 about the calendars rolling over to year 2,000, wiping out every bit of stored critical data on the planet, you may also remember–nothing happened.

That’s the biggest problem the President faces with the pending start on January 1, 2014, regarding Obamacare.

Nothing will happen.

But in this case, “nothing” is the problem.

The President’s approval rating is at a personal low.

His threat of “fines” for those who don’t sign up, probably mean as much to the populace as his promise that they could keep their insurance plan and doctors.

If millions upon millions of young and healthy Americans don’t sign up, then that “nothing happening” has the potential to take down the whole healthcare system.

All insurance exists because risk is minimized by profits from those who rarely use it.

It’s not some magic pill that causes money to spring out of people’s wallets and jump its way into operating rooms for surgeons, nurses and procedures galore.

The Democrats had no business sticking their nose into a system that an entire world of dignitaries and kings flocked to use whenever their health was poor.

But they couldn’t resist.

Maybe it was because they liked the idea of another tax?

Or maybe their careless non-vetting of the most radical socialist leaning Presidential candidate in history has come back to bite them.

Remember this well folks…this is NOT Obama’s fault entirely…we the people gave him the power to pull it off.

Now the clock strikes midnight…a second ticking time bomb is actually in November of 2014…when the Democrats can either lose or maintain power in the Senate.

I have very little faith in Republicans to inspire, but much faith in you, my neighbors and friends.

Don’t go to sleep on this.

America needs people willing to fight back, to get our economy healthy again.

1 Minute to Midnight


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