A Country Without Debt

One of the free services WordPress provides is identifying countries from which people “hit” the home page of my blog posts.

Earlier today a nation popped up I ‘d never heard of.

Know it and your geography is better than mine–Brunei Darussallam.

It means The Abode of Peace.

Thanks to Wikipedia I learned a few more things.


It’s in the Pacific, halfway between China and Australia, on the Island of Borneo.

Still clueless?

Here’s something that’ll stick.

They’re a nation with no debt.

Almost hard to believe.


No crooked politicians most likely.

I was beginning to think that an impossibility.

Here’s the bottom line.

To bring about God’s Kingdom (you remember the Lord’s prayer…”Thy Kingdom Come”) one place we can start is to transfer the mind-set we have as members of His Body, debt free souls, to our personal finances.

If we strive to live within our means, which requires patience once in a while, then maybe enough of us can elect officials who agree that uncountable debt squelches freedom.

Right now, at $17 Trillion in arrears, America is the abode of turmoil…that’s not what put us on the map.



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