Blame Mom if a President Skips Church on Christmas

For those worked up about how President Obama skipped Church this Christmas, I have news for you.

It’s not a first, and it may not even be his fault entirely.

Can you guess which President has skipped before?

I’ll give you a hint…it’s a trick question.

Cue the Jeopardy music.

That’s right, or should I say left, it was Barack 2010.

There’s only one Commander-in-Chief with enough Chutzpah to thumb his nose at what might be the most sacred gathering of Americans each year…even greater than the Super Bowl I dare say.

To be fair, it’s dad who rallies the troops for sporting events, but mom who won’t tolerate barbaric behavior, like pretending God’s not worthy of our time, as we rip open presents galore on the Holy Day.

Though I don’t speak from authority, I have to believe, considering how many cherished recollections I have of my late mother whenever I attend Christmas Mass, the President’s mom may have been the guiltiest party of all, for having never brought him to such things.

I apologize in advance if wrong.

If correct, I even temper my judgement…Mr. Obama has no idea what joy she cost him…thus the apathetic approach.

But wait…Mrs. Obama…what about you?

You must be a bit annoyed by this, right?


Maybe not.

Thank you mamma Massery, for the thousands of Christmas memories you gave me…especially singing Silent Night at St. Mark’s with the lights down low…we felt like we were right there alongside Angels and Shepherds.

mom on Christmas


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