My Shopvac Doesn’t Suck Any More–Good or Bad?

Forgive me for taking a somewhat crude path toward my point today.

We recently purchased a small Shopvac that was on sale at Carr Hardware.

Using it to help clean and renovate a newly vacant apartment, it simply stopped sucking dirt.

At first we thought because it was their cheapest model.

But remember, Shopvac has an excellent reputation, it made no sense they’d put their name on low-end junk.

Back to the hardware store we went, with our little appliance in tow.

The owner met us near the checkout counter and gladly helped study the problem.

He brought it to one of his workers in back, who noticed the hose was completely blocked.

Grabbing a long steel rod the experienced employee pushed gobs of nastiness, including pet hair, straight up into the air and onto my head and face.

I did not curse–I laughed along with my daughter–who delighted in the spectacle.

So many times in life, things we believe are going our way, turn out to be a disappointment.

Like the blog title today, the opposite can occur and we have no idea until the last moment, as we’re covered with the dust of despair.

Only rooted in God, is our loss a temporary setback, designed to educate.

Example…I’ve learned never to stand at the end of a clogged vacuum hose…especially when a guy on the other end knows how to fix it.

At least my appliance sucks again!

Hooray…I think.



One Response to “My Shopvac Doesn’t Suck Any More–Good or Bad?”

  1. BAbs Says:

    So true Jim. Gave me a laugh today!

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