Two Popes–One for Liberals–One for Rednecks

I just watched a thirty minute sermon from one of the two Popes.

This man really isn’t “Pope,” no more than Julia Child’s cookbook is the “Bible” for French Chefs.

But–you get the idea–we call them superlatives.

The Lord seems to be gathering people worldwide.

Pope Francis’ approval rating is 88% in America…that likely means he’s doing well elsewhere

Many Liberals and Rednecks, who have been un-churched for years, are talking about these two men.

Over the Holiday in very progressive Massachusetts, pews were filled for Christmas services, as reported by inside sources. (organists we know)

Cover your eyes Liberal friends, I’m about to name the Pope for the country folk.

That’s right…Duck Commander Phil Robertson.

If you have a bit of time, listen to this talk he gave in California–it’s superla-clear.

The Church and Gospel, at least to me, seems to have stagnated under the current socio-political climate.

But that can’t stop God.

Remember Luke 19:40;

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”


8 Responses to “Two Popes–One for Liberals–One for Rednecks”

  1. rob Says:

    As a Roman Catholic, God Bless Phil. If only Pope Francis would give a homily stressing the Ten Commandments and not only the concern for the poor.

  2. stephen ryan Says:

    Duck Dynasty Christians and their “sola scriptura” evil is the mind set that believed that God had divinely approved slavery. 600,000 young men and boys died in an epic chastisement fighting to defend their “god given” rights..

    Duck dynasty does not speak to my Catholic faith. Our Lady of Guadalupe freed and protected the native Americans and Catholics ended slavery in Mexico because of her.
    Be afraid of Christian who do not have Our Lady in their hearts. “In the end my heart will triumph”

    • jmassery Says:

      Thank you for your contribution. I know you would agree that our charitable testimony is crucial to rebuilding the Mother Church.

      • stephen ryan Says:

        I agree.. you all do great work. But Duck dynasty Christianity is not Catholic. Take a look at that photo. Do you see the two hearts of Mary and Jesus in that man? The sacred heart of Jesus and the triumphant heart of mary. Without Our Lady and her triumphant heart he will be denied has salvation. The Robertsons of the world and their sola scriptura heresies have persecuted Catholic for centuries. We must separate from this dance with Protestants.

      • jmassery Says:

        Thank you for your contribution to the discussion. Only through grace and the fervent prayers of devout Catholics can the Church become one again…remember even Scott Hahn was sola scriptura and brought into the fullness of faith. I know that is your deepest desire for our separated brethren.

  3. john Says:

    I fear we have a pope more on line with liberal progressive martini. Unfortunately, the protestant heresy separation hurts the body of Christ, but the last gasp of the Vatican two crowd ishurting Iit just as bad. Mr ryan is a perfect example of a fellow Catholic in utter catechetical confusion, by way of the Church of nice effeminate heresy

    • jmassery Says:

      John, thanks for your thoughtful contribution. Just as Christ prayed in John 17 that we would all be one, so too must we make that same prayer. Personal discipleship, coupled with sold out Holiness is the best path for the body of Christ…even it means just one of us at a time.

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