The Habit of Giving on Christmas

At the end of a long day, there’s really no greater feeling than for me to relax in my Lazy Boy.

It’s such a comfortable spot, I write 99% of my blog posts from it.

As great as it may be, imagine what God’s throne must have been like for Jesus.

Yet He left it, to come to a lost and dying world, to save us wretched ones from sin.

Even so, the greatest miracle of all, the birth of Christ, would have meant nothing without His sacrificial death.

The gift Jesus gave was for a lifetime.

God the Father could have easily bent the rules for His Son, and allowed Angels to do Christ’s bidding for Him.

But what would we have learned?

A “gift” doesn’t mean we sit on our recliners and let our Angels (like my Marisa) do our Christmas shopping.

The origin of the word “gift” has its roots in old English, derived from the term “ghabh.”

From that same word comes the term “habit”…you remember, what the nuns wear.

You see, some people put on an entire life of giving, like the good sisters, forsaking all comforts, knowing they’re gifting others by being poured out.

Holy lives, like Christ’s, are so rare, all we can say to God is, “Thank you for your Grace.”

If we could be 1% as gracious as Christ, the entire world would turn back to You.

Please Lord, help us change our lazy habits, and give until it hurts.

Catholic Habit

Merry Christmas readers…and thank you for your constant encouragement.


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