No Mass in Utah

I’m as guilty as any for complaining about the moral decay and erosion of Truth in America.

Though I haven’t seen it, even the President’s so-called “Christmas Card” makes no mention of Christmas.

Every free society, one that has elections that is, must ultimately hold themselves responsible for electing folks with whom we disagree.

America has chosen its path.

What I find very interesting is the latest drama hitting the State of Utah.

Judges there have set same-sex marriage in motion, and have also refused an injunction to slow it down.

Utah voters who have codified the definition of marriage as “that between one man and one woman” have seen their law declared null and void.

This is not Massachusetts dear friends, where the constituency just rolls over whenever activist Judges strike (our Mass Legislature is as guilty, when they basically declared we who signed a petition to put the marriage question on the ballot as “bigots” for wanting to have a voice on the matter).

Utah is the land of the moral majority, yet now the legal options are gone.

What happens next?

Only God knows…but it won’t be surrender.

Massachusetts is the progressive template for the Left.

Utah…it’s your serve.



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