Anchor Man–2 Bad

Just because you like comedians, doesn’t mean everything they do is going to be funny.

The Massery clan happens to be big fans of Will Farrell and Steve Carell.

Lucky for them, we spent money going to Anchor Man 2 last night.

Unlucky for us.

It may have been the most overly hyped comedic disaster in movie history.

Nothing flowed…nothing was LOL funny…and each scene was almost embarrassing to watch.

(Occasionally, Carell’s Blah Blah Blah mimicking of people speaking caused a bite size snicker)

Please consider spending your money on some other flick.

The only idea remotely interesting had nothing to do with comedy.

It was the very clear reminder that “news” in the 80’s, was relatively boring and not 24 hours.

That’s it.

Sorry Will…we still love you….we just don’t love Anchor Man 2.



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