Remember This Song–Evil Woman?

Imagine you’re kneeling in prayer, waiting for Mass to begin, but instead of hearing the shuffle of old widows finding a pew, in black frocks and lace veils, you hear the sound of rancorous protesters.

As you turn to comprehend the commotion, dozens of young hooded feminists are shouting obscenities, carrying anti-Catholic posters to hang from our sacred Altar.

This friends is a nightmare come true.

What’s their cause?

You know…the practice that Satan employs to kill three or four souls with one stone…abortion on demand. (mother, father, baby, so called “Doctor,” so called “Nurse”)

What can we do about it?

Keep praying…

These evil women have bowed to Demons.

Only our continued prayers and the miracle of Christ’s love for ALL sinners can help them find freedom.

The Church, for centuries, has always been a place where any sinner can find sanctuary from Evil.

No more.

We must pray harder.


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