New Duck Dynasty Fan

Those wondering what motivates me to daily publish a brief glimpse of what I find poignant, you’re in good company.

Frankly–I have no idea.

Maybe…just maybe…I’m worried about a loss of freedoms, or a squelching of truth, or simple injustices carried out against innocent people, like the unborn, or Christians who speak their mind.

My byline “DEBATE IS NOT HATE” has never meant more than it does right now…especially when it comes to the Duck Dynasty controversy.

I had never watched a full episode of the program, until last night, the same day their fearless leader was reprimanded by the A&E Network for having an opinion they find offensive.

You see, the First Amendment, a.k.a. American Truth, was set up to protect people from the “thought police.”

I’m reminded of the two times in the Gospel of John that Jesus spoke out to the Pharisees saying; “Before Abraham was, I am” and “I and the Father are One.” (John 8 and 10 respectively)

Following each of these True statements, the Pharisees picked up stones to try and kill Him.

Did Jesus apologize?

No…because His comments weren’t “hateful,” they were “truthful,” and an apology wouldn’t have helped their eternal souls.

Actually, Jesus did them one better–He forgave them.

Now that’s what I call reality T.V. (total victory that is)

Father forgive us, for we have no idea what the Duck we’re doing.

Thank God You do.



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