Socialist School Shooters–A Growing Trend

News that the latest school shooting in Colorado was committed by an avowed Socialist should not come as much of a surprise.

Too much blame is being heaped on video games and gun ownership, while too little credit goes to our culture of death.

If you want to know why American young people have become so desensitized to murder, look at how the concept of life is presented to them as commonly as their curriculum.

Just about any mention to a teenager of pregnancy is followed up by the words “early termination” and of course, that’s for the “good” of society.

In my day the words pregnancy were followed up by the term “shotgun wedding.”

I know more than one of these couples still married today.

From the President on down, you hear people say things like, “well, that’s only a small percentage” (the Healthcare lie was arguably a premeditated socialist experiment, which knowingly took insurance from 5% of the population, for the greater good of course).

Murder and hatred is always wrong.

Yet murder of an unborn child dulls the senses of a society by devaluing the lives of our weakest citizens.

Socialism was largely made famous by Karl Marx.

Since the 1800’s it has always been the Atheist’s way of promoting “charity.”

Yet somehow in every Socialist/Communist State, there are a tiny few who live like Kings.

Anyone who stands in the way of their “greater good” can be “eliminated” without guilt, as there is no God in their world to Whom they must answer.

The answer is clear to me, more God, less Atheism.

For those offended by religious solutions, how about this one then…More truth, less lies.


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