Bad Weather Catholics vs. Wedding Catholics

When polling data is taken to determine what “Catholics” are thinking, or how they’re voting, there should be a distinction made between those who go to Mass in snowstorms, or the aftermath, like my son and I did this morning, vs. those who only go when invited to a Catholic wedding…Christmas and Easter also come to mind.

The Lord Jesus poured out His Life for a sinful world.

As I looked around St. Bernard’s Church in Newton, the Priest, happy as Martin Short in a Three Amigo’s Movie, came bounding down the aisle to begin his procession…he welcomed me joyfully.

Our car was tucked neatly up against a slushy snow bank on Washington St.

Less than 15 people were there, they too somehow arrived without complaining….they were special…I could just tell.

Thank you God that fair weather isn’t permanent.

It’s always great to see who the true soldiers are.

steph and wall 041


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