Mr. President–Tear Down That Gall

Have you ever looked up the definition of the word “gall”?

I have.

Check this out.

brazen boldness coupled with impudent assurance and insolence

As if the tax payer’s money hasn’t been wasted enough, hawking the failed Obamacare legislation, we now learn the Administration is hiring celebrities to make videos promoting the benefits.

News flash Adam Levine, there are no benefits and your career is about to take a giant step backward.

I now put you in the same category as Miley Cyrus…useless.

And one other thing Mr. Levine…I always thought you were humble.

Check out the meaning of the word “gall” again and tell me that’s not part of the reason why Obama’s popularity has waned.



One Response to “Mr. President–Tear Down That Gall”

  1. Luisa Noujaim Says:

    Why can’t we stop judging and respect others. You can disagree with someone but putting someone down because they do not agree with you is not very “cool”
    What about Clint Eastwood and all the other celebrities your party resorts to? I guess the healthcare reform is working and that is upsetting all of you………

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