The South’s Gonna Do It Again

The first time I heard this song, in the late 70’s, it got me going.

Way back in the 80’s, about a year after my oldest son was born, I bought a record album called Southern Rock’s Greatest Hits.

Yup…it was on there.

As a one-year-old, son Luke would dance to this song until he dropped, and his two cousins, Sarah and Amy, about 6 & 7 at the time, would swing around our giant living room tossing him onto the sofa cushions.

As I read the story this morning how South Carolina is pushing a bill that effectively bans Obamacare in their State, I thought of one thing…the South’s gonna do it again.

Here’s the full story below.

Under that…grab a toddler and get ready to two-step.


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