How Should We React?

The only reason you’re not seeing this photo of religious bigotry (Allahu Akbar on a Church in Germany) plastered on the front pages of our media is because the graffiti is not a Christian Cross on the door of a Mosque.

Thank God there are enough Conservatives around reporting such atrocities, so big mouths like me can retell the tale.

Here’s the bottom line…it’s lonely at the top…or should I say…at the bottom?

Our God suffered and died the most humiliating death possible, for the sole purpose of soul saving.

We cannot permit hatred to make us forget Who He was, and for whom He died.

Our sins, their sins, they’re all the same.

Though we may not be directly insulting others, we harm the world by not praying for its conversion.

We’ll always be at the bottom of a place from which we’re being called home.



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