The Tears Were Alive

There’s something incredibly moving about watery eyes.

As America witnessed an historic live TV event last night, Carrie Underwood proved the time was right for a redo of The Sound of Music.

The highlight for me was Mother Superior’s Climb Every Mountain, as Maria watched and heard Audra McDonald (both crying real tears, without help from an eye dropper or stage hand).

God loves sincere hearts.

His own tears, at the death of friend Lazarus, revealed to the world a depth of character our Divine Creator embodied as even He was caught in the moment.

This program is must see TV for you and your children.

The Von Trapp family would be proud…I know I was.

Everyone involved, including NBC, deserves the highest praise.

It was a joy to see The Bride of Christ, doing what God made her do best…reflecting Him.

Not recommended for Atheists…unless of course they’re pining for Nazi-stalgia.

sound of music 063


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