Unfettered Vatican Opulance

Before anyone goes and jumps off a bridge regarding the comments of Rush Limbaugh on Pope Francis’ latest Apostolic Exhortation, just remember that the Vatican exists, in all its beauty, because of “unfettered capitalism.”

As much as I agree that Jesus Christ built the Church, enormous wealth still paid dearly for the marble, architecture, gold and artistry.

Two things matter here most.

1. The Pope doesn’t write to appease American culture–his comments are for the world.

2. Catholics offended by Limbaugh should be just as miffed by Nancy Pelosi, when she calls abortion “sacred ground”…but they’re not.

The only people making political hay out of Limbaugh’s comments are liberals desperate to change the narrative over the failed Obamacare fiasco.

Good try Huff-Po and MSNBC…but even St. Peter questioned Jesus right up until the end, because he didn’t understand Divine perspective…that didn’t cost him his salvation…killing babies however…that’s another matter.



One Response to “Unfettered Vatican Opulance”

  1. dhuisjen2 Says:

    So… I see you corrected “encyclical” out. Have you had a chance to actually read the letter itself yet? If not, you can maybe start here: http://huisjenphilosophy.wordpress.com/2013/12/04/what-does-the-pope-say-part-2/

    I think Francis would agree, BTW, the business practices of the Borge and Medici popes that made the major investments in the Vatican’s opulence were rather sinful to say at the least. Using those as a justification or moral excuse for “trickle down economics” just isn’t gonna fly ethically. (Not that ethics would matter much to Rush & co. anyway.)

    The main message though is, you can be anti-social welfare or you can follow the teachings of Jesus, but you can’t do both. Seriously, read it for yourself and see if it ain’t so! What’s worse, he’s actually quite correct about that matter.

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