More Facts the President Left Out–Regarding Iran

The latest fairy tale pushed by the liberal press is that the President and his team have done their absolute best with regard to diplomacy in Iran and impeding Iranian plans to obtain a nuclear bomb.

Lest we the people forget, certainly Obama has, there are three innocent Americans being held hostage in Iran…an important fact that went unmentioned in the President’s talking points.

Iranian-American Pastor Saeed Abedini, retired FBI Agent Robert Levinson, and former U.S. Marine Amir Hekmati, are all currently imprisoned in Iran.

None of these men pose any legitimate threat to Iran or her allies.

I dare say, even Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter would have remembered them in negotiations…no Americans, no ease in sanctions…period!

It gets worse.

News is breaking out of Israel, that an Iranian prisoner we’ve been holding, Mojtaba Atarodi, a nuclear scientist who had been arrested in 2011 for attempting to acquire equipment that could have been used for Iran’s military-nuclear program, has been released as part of the negotiations.

Somehow the Left’s defense of Obama and Kerry’s great diplomatic victory, in light of these dalliances, the compromise of a bomb-maker, just doesn’t add up.

Yet again, at least this Administration stays consistent…untold details regarding the downside of their decisions, and Americans left behind in the Middle East, while terrorists with evil intent roam free.


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