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Hobbit Review–Desolation for Those Who Miss It

December 31, 2013

I’d have to say, the guy I sat in front of last night, who snored through 80% of the movie, when his wife wasn’t elbowing him, may be the only pathetic character associated with my Hobbit experience thus far.

This movie, from the opening scene to the final frame, was one of the most exciting adventures ever produced.

For me, the holidays are a great time to find a classic new movie and drift away from the stresses of the world.

Sure, Peter Jackson veered from the original, but since I last read The Hobbit in 1975, it’s hard to remember which tales were his and which were Tolkien’s.

I will not spoil too much for you, but I do recommend you see it in 3D.

Spoiler alert…The Dragon scenes were hot!



It’s Y2K Again–Where Nothing’s Happening

December 30, 2013

For those who remember the hype in 1999 about the calendars rolling over to year 2,000, wiping out every bit of stored critical data on the planet, you may also remember–nothing happened.

That’s the biggest problem the President faces with the pending start on January 1, 2014, regarding Obamacare.

Nothing will happen.

But in this case, “nothing” is the problem.

The President’s approval rating is at a personal low.

His threat of “fines” for those who don’t sign up, probably mean as much to the populace as his promise that they could keep their insurance plan and doctors.

If millions upon millions of young and healthy Americans don’t sign up, then that “nothing happening” has the potential to take down the whole healthcare system.

All insurance exists because risk is minimized by profits from those who rarely use it.

It’s not some magic pill that causes money to spring out of people’s wallets and jump its way into operating rooms for surgeons, nurses and procedures galore.

The Democrats had no business sticking their nose into a system that an entire world of dignitaries and kings flocked to use whenever their health was poor.

But they couldn’t resist.

Maybe it was because they liked the idea of another tax?

Or maybe their careless non-vetting of the most radical socialist leaning Presidential candidate in history has come back to bite them.

Remember this well folks…this is NOT Obama’s fault entirely…we the people gave him the power to pull it off.

Now the clock strikes midnight…a second ticking time bomb is actually in November of 2014…when the Democrats can either lose or maintain power in the Senate.

I have very little faith in Republicans to inspire, but much faith in you, my neighbors and friends.

Don’t go to sleep on this.

America needs people willing to fight back, to get our economy healthy again.

1 Minute to Midnight

A Country Without Debt

December 29, 2013

One of the free services WordPress provides is identifying countries from which people “hit” the home page of my blog posts.

Earlier today a nation popped up I ‘d never heard of.

Know it and your geography is better than mine–Brunei Darussallam.

It means The Abode of Peace.

Thanks to Wikipedia I learned a few more things.

It’s in the Pacific, halfway between China and Australia, on the Island of Borneo.

Still clueless?

Here’s something that’ll stick.

They’re a nation with no debt.

Almost hard to believe.


No crooked politicians most likely.

I was beginning to think that an impossibility.

Here’s the bottom line.

To bring about God’s Kingdom (you remember the Lord’s prayer…”Thy Kingdom Come”) one place we can start is to transfer the mind-set we have as members of His Body, debt free souls, to our personal finances.

If we strive to live within our means, which requires patience once in a while, then maybe enough of us can elect officials who agree that uncountable debt squelches freedom.

Right now, at $17 Trillion in arrears, America is the abode of turmoil…that’s not what put us on the map.


Blame Mom if a President Skips Church on Christmas

December 28, 2013

For those worked up about how President Obama skipped Church this Christmas, I have news for you.

It’s not a first, and it may not even be his fault entirely.

Can you guess which President has skipped before?

I’ll give you a hint…it’s a trick question.

Cue the Jeopardy music.

That’s right, or should I say left, it was Barack 2010.

There’s only one Commander-in-Chief with enough Chutzpah to thumb his nose at what might be the most sacred gathering of Americans each year…even greater than the Super Bowl I dare say.

To be fair, it’s dad who rallies the troops for sporting events, but mom who won’t tolerate barbaric behavior, like pretending God’s not worthy of our time, as we rip open presents galore on the Holy Day.

Though I don’t speak from authority, I have to believe, considering how many cherished recollections I have of my late mother whenever I attend Christmas Mass, the President’s mom may have been the guiltiest party of all, for having never brought him to such things.

I apologize in advance if wrong.

If correct, I even temper my judgement…Mr. Obama has no idea what joy she cost him…thus the apathetic approach.

But wait…Mrs. Obama…what about you?

You must be a bit annoyed by this, right?


Maybe not.

Thank you mamma Massery, for the thousands of Christmas memories you gave me…especially singing Silent Night at St. Mark’s with the lights down low…we felt like we were right there alongside Angels and Shepherds.

mom on Christmas

My Shopvac Doesn’t Suck Any More–Good or Bad?

December 27, 2013

Forgive me for taking a somewhat crude path toward my point today.

We recently purchased a small Shopvac that was on sale at Carr Hardware.

Using it to help clean and renovate a newly vacant apartment, it simply stopped sucking dirt.

At first we thought because it was their cheapest model.

But remember, Shopvac has an excellent reputation, it made no sense they’d put their name on low-end junk.

Back to the hardware store we went, with our little appliance in tow.

The owner met us near the checkout counter and gladly helped study the problem.

He brought it to one of his workers in back, who noticed the hose was completely blocked.

Grabbing a long steel rod the experienced employee pushed gobs of nastiness, including pet hair, straight up into the air and onto my head and face.

I did not curse–I laughed along with my daughter–who delighted in the spectacle.

So many times in life, things we believe are going our way, turn out to be a disappointment.

Like the blog title today, the opposite can occur and we have no idea until the last moment, as we’re covered with the dust of despair.

Only rooted in God, is our loss a temporary setback, designed to educate.

Example…I’ve learned never to stand at the end of a clogged vacuum hose…especially when a guy on the other end knows how to fix it.

At least my appliance sucks again!

Hooray…I think.


Two Popes–One for Liberals–One for Rednecks

December 26, 2013

I just watched a thirty minute sermon from one of the two Popes.

This man really isn’t “Pope,” no more than Julia Child’s cookbook is the “Bible” for French Chefs.

But–you get the idea–we call them superlatives.

The Lord seems to be gathering people worldwide.

Pope Francis’ approval rating is 88% in America…that likely means he’s doing well elsewhere

Many Liberals and Rednecks, who have been un-churched for years, are talking about these two men.

Over the Holiday in very progressive Massachusetts, pews were filled for Christmas services, as reported by inside sources. (organists we know)

Cover your eyes Liberal friends, I’m about to name the Pope for the country folk.

That’s right…Duck Commander Phil Robertson.

If you have a bit of time, listen to this talk he gave in California–it’s superla-clear.

The Church and Gospel, at least to me, seems to have stagnated under the current socio-political climate.

But that can’t stop God.

Remember Luke 19:40;

“I tell you,” he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

The Habit of Giving on Christmas

December 25, 2013

At the end of a long day, there’s really no greater feeling than for me to relax in my Lazy Boy.

It’s such a comfortable spot, I write 99% of my blog posts from it.

As great as it may be, imagine what God’s throne must have been like for Jesus.

Yet He left it, to come to a lost and dying world, to save us wretched ones from sin.

Even so, the greatest miracle of all, the birth of Christ, would have meant nothing without His sacrificial death.

The gift Jesus gave was for a lifetime.

God the Father could have easily bent the rules for His Son, and allowed Angels to do Christ’s bidding for Him.

But what would we have learned?

A “gift” doesn’t mean we sit on our recliners and let our Angels (like my Marisa) do our Christmas shopping.

The origin of the word “gift” has its roots in old English, derived from the term “ghabh.”

From that same word comes the term “habit”…you remember, what the nuns wear.

You see, some people put on an entire life of giving, like the good sisters, forsaking all comforts, knowing they’re gifting others by being poured out.

Holy lives, like Christ’s, are so rare, all we can say to God is, “Thank you for your Grace.”

If we could be 1% as gracious as Christ, the entire world would turn back to You.

Please Lord, help us change our lazy habits, and give until it hurts.

Catholic Habit

Merry Christmas readers…and thank you for your constant encouragement.

No Mass in Utah

December 24, 2013

I’m as guilty as any for complaining about the moral decay and erosion of Truth in America.

Though I haven’t seen it, even the President’s so-called “Christmas Card” makes no mention of Christmas.

Every free society, one that has elections that is, must ultimately hold themselves responsible for electing folks with whom we disagree.

America has chosen its path.

What I find very interesting is the latest drama hitting the State of Utah.

Judges there have set same-sex marriage in motion, and have also refused an injunction to slow it down.

Utah voters who have codified the definition of marriage as “that between one man and one woman” have seen their law declared null and void.

This is not Massachusetts dear friends, where the constituency just rolls over whenever activist Judges strike (our Mass Legislature is as guilty, when they basically declared we who signed a petition to put the marriage question on the ballot as “bigots” for wanting to have a voice on the matter).

Utah is the land of the moral majority, yet now the legal options are gone.

What happens next?

Only God knows…but it won’t be surrender.

Massachusetts is the progressive template for the Left.

Utah…it’s your serve.


The Bob Newhart No Show

December 23, 2013

I’ve always enjoyed the dry humor of Bob Newhart.

Up until the last few years, I’ve more or less, not enjoyed the dry Pizza from Domino’s.

Then, an ad campaign for the pizza giant explained how they listened to the customers, making a few changes to the recipe, so to serve their pies a bit more moist.

When it comes to things that are not based on morals or principles, like food recipes, change is good.

But…when it comes to things like eternal Truths, those based on God’s Word…change is dangerous.

Progressive liberals love to call conservatives “extremists,” when they know it to be a lie.

People who hold the same beliefs as their parents, grandparents and great grandparents, aren’t doing anything extreme, they’re just sticking with tradition.

Here’s an excerpt from the Lifesite article linked below.

After learning of the 84-year-old comedian’s scheduled appearance at the Legatus Summit in Orlando on February 6, the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) began urging him last week to back out. Activists also organized a petition at Faithful America that garnered 17,000 signatures.

Jim Wallace (Smithsonian Institution)

Legatus, which was begun by Domino’s Pizza founder Tom Monaghan in 1987 to network Catholic business leaders, is faithful to the Church’s Magisterium and therefore upholds the Church’s teachings on all moral matters including homosexuality.

“It’s unfortunate that Bob Newhart has decided not to perform at Legatus’ annual Summit in February,” Legatus Executive Director John Hunt told “It’s clear from stories in the media that certain organizations have asked him to cancel his appearance.”

Bob, you have let down millions of your fans.

What a sad way to wind up a career once filled with so many non-political laughs.

I have just one thing to say…dry up.

Grandmother Blessings–They Never End

December 22, 2013

If you’ve been blessed, you have happy memories of at least one grandmother.

I fondly remember both, their names were Esma and M’sahiah.

They were small in size, but gigantic in faith, hope, and charity.

Another savored gift is the memory of my mother and mother-in-law, loving my children like they were their own; Alice and Barb.

As if God hadn’t been kind enough, there’s my wife and son’s mother-in-law and their devotion to our grandchildren; Natalie and Pat.

At Christmas time, there’s no better gift for which we must express thanks, than for the grandmothers who’ve touched our lives.

Pray for them–they’re praying for you.