Why Every Man Needs a Nice Catholic Girl

For those of you who didn’t marry a nice Catholic girl, or those nice girls who aren’t Catholic, please don’t be upset.

Remember, my blog is 99% nonsense, 1% serious.

Speaking from experience, my father, myself and even my oldest son, all had certain priorities regarding the religion of our wives.

I’m proud to say, we all did very well.

My dad used a well-known method from the 1940’s–family recommendations and connections.

In the 1980’s, I used a Catholic Bible study for singles in my home church.

In the 2000’s, my son used CatholicMatch.com.

All of these courtship styles are founded in old world traditions.

Just like every young Catholic boy should have had at least an inkling of desire to become a Priest, his desire to marry a young woman who had similar dreams, to become a nun, make for the best marriages.

Speaking of Godly former nuns, I for one am looking forward to the live version of the Sound of Music, to be aired on NBC next week, starring the very talented and attractive Carrie Underwood.

The Hills are Alive with nice Catholic girls…find one gentlemen, and you’ll be singing from the mountaintops too.



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