The Unforgettable Mean Teacher

Have you ever had a bad teacher?

My way of gauging them was whether or not they were “mean” or “nice.”

I clearly recall, riding on a St. Mark’s School bus, on my first day back to school, after a long summer, saying out loud something like, “Finally I’m through with Sister Meanie…I wonder who our new teacher will be?” (not her real name of course)

Another classmate, named Joe, yelled back to me…”Hey Mazz, we’ve got Sister Meanie again…she’s moving up a grade.”


Mr. President, yesterday you said, “Sometimes people forget I’m not running for office again.”

Trust me sir…we know you can’t run again.

There’s an old adage, “You may forget what someone says, but you’ll never forget how they made you feel.”

It would be impossible for America to forget how you Mr. Obama, have made us feel.


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