Knock Out?–Bronson Time

For those old enough to remember a movie series called The Vigilante, starring tough guy Charles Bronson, you know the meaning of my blog title today.

The epidemic instigating this cowardly behavior is our derelict and declining culture.

Bottom line…broken homes = broken kids.

This has nothing to do with religion either…it’s natural science friends.

Studies have shown that adolescent male elephants are abusive with one another, unless there’s a dominant male demanding order among his inferiors.

Considering the hyperventilating journalists displayed over every detail regarding George Zimmerman and his confrontation with Trayvon Martin, wouldn’t you think at least one reporter would be dissecting the knock-out crime spree?

Recently a 78 year-old grandma, pushing a stroller, was cold-cocked from behind.

She’s now too fearful to leave her home.

These punks think this is funny too.

Change is on the way–Americans aren’t that dumb and in some states we still have a few rights.

Watch this video folks, it’s Charles Bronson hitting back.

One other thing, expect no help, or even comment, from the White House.

He can’t relate…unless it feeds his political agenda.


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