Confessions of a Backgammon Addict

There are millions of us.

But…not many with pale skin.

The game of Backgammon has its roots in the middle east.

Cousin Nadeem from Lebanon taught me–and–he cleaned my clock for years after my first lesson.

A quality board with ornate design is a must in a traditional Arabic home.

Here’s good news for those who don’t get to play often enough.

The Backgammon App by Optime.

If you see me on an airplane, looking intently at my iPhone, I’m playing.

Listen…it’s good for the brain and may have the ability to stave off Alzheimers…try it.

If I catch you playing Angry Birds I will surely beat you…at Backgammon that is.



One Response to “Confessions of a Backgammon Addict”

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