Monty Python Reunion–Remembering the Penguin

Believe it or not, there actually was a time before the Internet.

Kids like me soaked up comedy skits through TV, radio and records.

Because of the shortcomings of old technology, constantly repeating what we heard, which made us laugh, was our best form of entertainment.

A FB and childhood friend named Phil had an amazing memory for Monty Python skits.

Before I had the pleasure of catching most shows, he’d act them out, while waiting for Mr. Lillpop to start Chemistry class each day.

Somehow it all seemed appropriate…considering the teacher’s odd sounding name.

Thanks to new technology, I can relive those laughs.

The penguin skit was Phil’s favorite…mine too.

It seems living members of the original Python troupe have decided to reunite.

Good idea…I hope they still have their girlish figures.

What’s my moral lesson today?

Be kind to your animals…you never know when one may blow up for no reason.


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