The 1960 Democrat Platform–Conservative Enough for Me

I had the pleasure of sitting through a speech at the Pittsfield Rotary, given by a U.S. Democrat Congressman not long ago.

He opened his statements by saying “Silvio Conte, our former beloved 36 year Representative, would not be a Republican now, as they have moved too far to the right.”

Was he implying that Conte couldn’t be elected today.

That’s hard to swallow.

Especially since it’s none of his darn business, as he never once lived in this district, or pulled the lever for him.

In honor of John F. Kennedy, whose death we still mourn today, 50 years later, I thought it would be appropriate to look up the platform he ran under in 1960.

It’s almost hard to believe how far to the left the Democrats have moved.

Their positions might make you think there are misprints.

Here’s an excerpt from the American Presidency Project on the 1960 Democrats platform on Energy.


The Republican Administration would turn the clock back to the days before the New Deal, in an effort to divert the benefits of the great natural energy resources from all the people to a favored few. It has followed for many years a “no new starts” policy.

It has stalled atomic energy development; it has sought to cripple rural electrification.

It has closed the pilot plant on getting oil from shale.

It has harassed and hampered the TVA.

We reject this philosophy and these policies. The people are entitled to use profitably what they already own.

The Democratic Administration instead will foster the development of efficient regional giant power systems from all sources, including water, tidal, and nuclear power, to supply low-cost electricity to all retail electric systems, public, private, and cooperative.

So Mr. Congressman, who’s the radical party no one would recognize now?

Read the whole platform through the link below.


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