Zero Dark Thirty Review–The Woman Who Killed Bin Laden

First of all, I’m growing a bit tired of the narrative that the President killed Osama Bin Laden.

That’s like saying the Mayor plowed snow on Euclid Ave.

People within government are put in place to perform tasks.

The real hero of this movie, and the story about how Bin Laden was killed, has to do with a young woman, recruited directly out of high school (under Bush), whose only job was to locate the world’s most diabolical man.

It took her ten years, but she did it.

I recommend this movie for those not offended by the “f” word.

Children under twelve…probably not.

The only balance is that there’s almost no sexual content to speak of, other than a terrorist’s backside during his interrogation.

In the movie the woman’s name is Mia.

Whatever your real name is, thank you for what you endured.

Take the rest of your life off and run for Mayor somewhere.

You have my vote.

As for the guy who thinks he killed Bin Laden…he should run for Mayor too…of Munchkin City…because his accomplishments are all a fairy tale/bad dream.


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