Unmasking Liberals One Bumper Sticker at a Time

It’s really quite easy to spot a liberal.

Just check out their car.

A serious lefty will have at least one advertisement for the President, or some other liberal cause, on their bumper.

I saw one Saturday in the Stop ‘n’ Shop parking lot that was really a stretch, especially since the ACA rollout.

It said something like-I AM THE DEMOCRAT WALL IN 2014.

Sadly for the lady who pulled up beside my, as I was loading my car and she was going in, I knew her.

Here’s how the conversation went.

Jim: Hi Tammy (not her real name)

Tammy: Oh hi…gotta go shopping…but all the prices are going up.

Jim: Yeah…I know…especially the price of our health care.

Tammy: Well…not mine…I have a good plan and it’s not too expensive.

Jim:  Yes, but don’t you think it’s sad that we were lied to by the President?

Tammy: I’m still a supporter...(as she showed me her back and scampered into the store)

Jim: So you don’t think the President should be held accounta….(gone…out of ear shot)

I had to think about this exchange for a few days before coming to a conclusion.

The snub was no big deal…I’m married.

What critical oddity did Tammy make clear, when the rubber finally met the road in our little chat?


That’s right…she’s O.K…so she’s still a supporter.

In other words, the liberal mantra of low-cost health care for all was not as important as low-cost health care for her.

That doesn’t sound like a very fair redistribution of wealth now does it?

I wonder what would happen if her plan skyrocketed?

Well, according to our chat, that’s the key issue–and–every policy is going way up, thank you very much Obama.

See how close we are to victory?

Here’s the most important thing of all folks…when harassing liberals with stupid bumper stickers, be sure it’s someone you know…otherwise you might be charged with road rage.

God knows I’ve bitten my tongue (or should I say horn) plenty driving around Massachusetts.


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