Friend or Fiction?

I want a friend like filmmaker Harvey Weinstein.

Here’s the deal.

I need a pal to tell my wife I’ve been abducted by aliens, or bitten by a neighbor’s pet leopard, or stricken by mind melding dandruff, whenever she asks me to take out the garbage, or carry up a load of laundry, or do any household chore a true spouse should embrace.

That way when she asks why I ditched her Harvey can say…”I’m here to vouch for those tales.”

Check this out.

Is it too much to ask for a President who cannot tell a lie?

I guess.

So, instead of calling it a lie, friends like Harvey just call what even Piers Morgan knows to be fiction, “a human mistake.”

Sorry Harvey…if Piers isn’t buying your jive, nobody’s buying it.


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