Even Wilder Acres–Still the Best

For those familiar with nature reserves in the Berkshires, you very likely visited a heavenly place called Wild Acres.

For the past few years, while the Pittsfield Airport underwent a fairly long runway extension, access has been limited.

Most who know the place have been there for fishing derbies, picnics, or simply to teach their youngsters how to hook a Perch from a pond, without the risk of dropping toddlers into deep water.

The first time our youngest son tossed in a worm draped line, way back in the early 90’s, at the age of 3 or 4, he reeled in a 4 inch Shiner in less than 5 seconds.

For him, fishing seemed easy.

Life is never really like that.

The relocated access road to the all new Wild Acres pavilion and parking lot is a familiar area, east of the old driveway. (Not far from Tamarack Road, old-time Bousquet customers knew it well.)

Access to the pond is a tough hike through the woods, up and over steep terrain, almost impossible for the elderly, or handicapped to navigate.

But…the pond remains the same…perfect.

Life has a way of growing harder.

Things we took for granted in our youth become more difficult to achieve as time passes.

We change, God, our goal, doesn’t.

Keep your eyes on the prize, and the price, or path to success, never seems too hard.

New facilities, with runway extension in rear…the same great pond below…the first thing you see walking over new access path is the east side of the dam.

San Diego Visit and Wild Acres 055

San Diego Visit and Wild Acres 052


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