When Tidal Wave Warnings Don’t Work

For those with a little memory, the 2010 midterm elections were actually the beginning of the end for Obamacare.

Sadly for Democrats, in spite of their losing the House by what seemed like a tidal wave of resentment (56 seats), the Senate did nothing to respond to disgruntled Americans.

They just whistled in the dark.

Every measure the House put forward to repeal the law was scoffed at by Harry Reid and his majority.

Like tidal wave number two, the implementation of the Affordable Care Act confirmed every worried citizen was 100% correct.

It’s an absolute disaster to the President and the Democrat’s credibility, proven by Obama’s dismal “approval rating” below 40%.

Even my most ardent critics have been silenced by their team’s incompetence.

Another Republican House bill, addressing health insurance losses has been passed, which, I predict will be scoffed at again by the Harry and company.

But the question is this…when Senate Democrat Mary Landrieu from Louisiana introduces her version for the fix (not much different from the House bill) what will the big bosses Obama/Reid do?

Get ready for some high drama in the Senate folks.

It’s going to get uglier.

Soon you’ll have confirmation how insincere the President’s so called “apology” really was.

In my view, what he really meant was “I’m sorry I didn’t have a smoother way to lie to you.”

One thing’s for sure…Democrats are great at ignoring warning signs.


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