Good News for Anthony Weiner

We all remember being told by our coaches and dads, from Little League and Pop Warner on up…there’s always a faster, stronger, or more skilled player out there.

That way, when we do meet our match, and lose badly, we’ve been a bit prepared for the moment.

Such events are motivation for more practice.

I’m sure Anthony Weiner, the most maligned wiener on the planet was never told by his parents, someday you’ll meet a bigger wiener than you…Why?…because no parent wants their child to find fame like he did.

I wonder if Bill Maher’s parents, or grandparents, would be proud of what he said about the people of Boston?

Watch this.

I have a hunch Bill’s venom was ignited by the good townies singing God Bless America.

You see, Bill thinks he’s better than God…that’s what most professional atheists think.

Congratulations Bill, you’re now the biggest bonehead on the planet.

As far as Anthony Weiner is concerned…he’s welcome in Boston, provided he leaves his weeny little friend in back New York.


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