Don’t Mess with the Water Boy

For those who have yet to see this movie, The Water Boy, all I can say is, what are y’all waitin’ foh?

It’s my favorite Adam Sandler flick, mainly because it highlights some of the funniest things about Louisiana culture.

Like the way they talk.

Remember, I’m from Massachusetts, so the way we talk, and the ribbing we take regularly gives us the capital we need to laugh back at others now and then.

The one who doesn’t have much capital right now is the President.

He made the mistake of going to Louisiana this week and criticizing Governor Bobby Jindal for not embracing Obamacare.

Are you kidding Mr. President?

Do you actually think this is a good time for you to double down on the “my lies are good for you” mantra?

Good job hitting back Bobby…you opened a big can of whoop…(wait…I don’t want to give away my favorite line in the movie…just see it…official trailer is below, also a link to the President’s LA thrashing).


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