“Sorrys” are for Don Imus

I’m sorry Mr. President, but your “I’m sorry” has no credibility?


Because your intent to deceive the American people was not an accident…it was premeditated.

That’s why the punishment for “manslaughter” is only a fraction of the retribution that “premeditated murder” requires.

Let’s take a look at another celebrity “sorry.”

Don Imus the radio celebrity would be a good one.

You see Mr. O, you didn’t blurt out a rude remark on a radio show…like the I-Man…trying to be funny at the expense of the Rutgers women’s basketball team.

Interestingly enough, those good women forgave him.

After a year or two of off-air exile, the Imus in the Morning show returned.

I wonder how many good people, paying double for their all new weaker insurance policies are absolving you?

The facts are the facts…the White House was warned that the talking point “if you like your insurance policy you can keep it” wasn’t true.

Yet the Administration chose to use the lie, believing the end justified the means…in other words…”Republicans are so evil, we have to lie to keep them out of office.”

It’s the same rationale used to spy on conservatives and to bully honest journalists.

Sadly, there are still some media outlets, so far to the left, they accept that tactic.

I can think of one right here in Pittsfield.

There’s no hung jury in my mind…you Mr. Obama have killed the American health care system…and you knew what you were doing.

What should your punishment be?



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