God Bless Andrea Billups…a Real Reporter

There’s an old saying, that never gets old.

Follow the money.

You real journalists out there…I know there must be a few…if you want to get to the bottom of any story…especially the Obama-care fiasco, just follow the giant path of cash in plain site for all to see.

One of the things that makes conservatives like me wonder if there are any real journalists left, is how great a job you did suspecting things even a teeny bit amiss under George W. Bush…yet…you same fakers, with enormous amounts of cash stuffed in the pockets of those close to Obama, see nothing.

Is there not one single reporter out there willing to investigate the relationship between Mrs. Obama and the Obama-care web site disaster?

Wait…there is?


Andrea Billups?

Wow…forgive me…I stand corrected.


Andrea…I like you…will you please come to my birthday party?


2 Responses to “God Bless Andrea Billups…a Real Reporter”

  1. Luisa Noujaim Says:

    This surely matches all the stuff that happened under the Bush administration and especially the transparent deals Vice President Cheney engaged in.,, let us not forgot lying about the reasons we invaded 2 countries…you compare!!
    Jim, you are a journalist why don’t you pursue the witch hunt?????
    I really hope that you can use your platform to be part of reconciliation not alienation… Funny Christian conservative!!!! What kind of Christian values are these???

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