The Odd Election Year

For those of you who don’t know, today is election day across America.

What makes this day not so special, to far too many, is there are no U.S. seats up for grabs.

Sure, there are a few Governor’s races, like in VA, and NJ, but those are still local decisions which don’t directly impact folks outside their own States.

What’s most important about these uneven year elections is that it gives us all insight into the way voters are trending.

A larger turnout on an odd year means more concern for local issues and a general appreciation for ones right to vote.

A smaller turnout from the previous odd year–2011–means apathy is growing…like a cancer, about things that are happening, even in our own communities.

Oddly enough, the National controversy over the President’s broken pledge to Americans that they could “keep their health insurance plan if they liked it,” just might make this odd year even odder.

My prediction is an upward trend over 2011, or, at the very least, a halt in the apathy slide.

Thank you Mr. President.

Now…I’m off to choose a City Council and a School Committee.


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