Don’t Interview Romney

Dear Left Wing Media,

Aren’t we all in enough pain?

Please don’t interview Mitt Romney any more.

From my perspective, it still hurts that a majority of the American people were too gullible to recognize a $19.95 Huckster at work.

From your perspective, isn’t giving a wounded man a platform to hammer home the President’s lies about the ability to keep ones healthcare plan not what you hoped for?

If you haven’t seen the video in the link above, go back and watch how focused Romney is, and how poorly the best laid plans of the radical left failed.

Mitt’s no lay down David…and you can’t count on him pulling a John McCain…where nothing he says makes sense.

This interview would actually be funny if we all weren’t wearing a giant albatross around our necks for the next three years.

Seriously…puny pundits like me thought Romney was a bit too soft on Obama during the debates.

Watching him now…the gloves are off.

It just matters too little…

So please…move on…your next job is to destroy Chris Christie…another qualified Governor with real world experience.


The Guy to Your Right


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