I Will Not Be a Silent Citizen

There was a time in Nazi Germany that any evil committed against Jews was considered good for the Reich.

Yet the citizens were silent.

The more I learn about the coordinated efforts by the IRS and their equally corrupt boss, the more I see tactical similarities.

Now, before you go off and say I’m comparing red necked white folks in Oklahoma to suffering Jews in concentration camps, know this…I’m not…what I’m referring to is an atmosphere within our government that encourages investigations and subterfuge of any political kind, against a group they fear–the TEA Party.

If you think I’m making this up check out the latest abomination reported in the Washington Examiner on Lois Lerner’s illegal distribution of private tax information to the FEC (Federal Election Commission).


This is an outrage.

If you’re a conservative or a liberal and you don’t stand up against this, you’re not much different from a silent citizen in Nazi Germany tolerating government coordinated hatred for innocent Jews.

Mr. Obama…you’re IRS’s behavior is unacceptable…the TEA Party is not “fair game.”

They’re Americans…and so am I.


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