Heaven is For Children

For the most part, Pat Benatar had it wrong.

Children were created for Heaven.

Her song, Hell Is For Children, speaks more about where their sadness comes from.

Until of course, Our Lord takes them home.

For whatever reason God sees to have young ones taken away, He leaves adults with hearts broken, beyond description…even for those who choose Hellish abortions…parental mourning is inescapable.

Yesterday I had the honor of attending the Funeral Mass for a 6-year-old named Joshua.

He told his folks on several occasions that a famous New Testament Saint had been talking to him in his bedroom about Jesus…and baseball.

This young boy seemed healthy, but for reasons unknown, he suffered an ailment and passed away within a week.

Joshua’s dad gave the most courageous eulogy I’ve ever heard, as he described his son’s love for Fire Trucks, and his baby sibling who he kissed daily, seven months along in his mother’s womb.

As hundreds cried through it, this brave father spoke firmly of Christ and the Resurrection.

All Children go to heaven, no matter how excellent, or weak, their parents may be.

You don’t need our prayers Joshua, we need yours.

Have a great time hitting baseballs off of Fire Trucks up there too.

JOshua funeral 005


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