Father of the Bride Economics

With the out of control federal deficit that President Obama thinks is good for America, those of us smart enough not to be under his Pollyana-like spell, realize an economic crisis is racing toward us like a cliff at 90 mph.

I can’t say Mitt Romney would win in 2016, but to me, much of what he stood for in 2012 is more viable now than ever.

Out of curiosity I called the Obamacare 800 number the other day.

The first question asked was “What State are you from?”

When I said “Massachusetts” I was provided a different phone number.

Lucky me, at least Romneycare is a working program.

Democrats have very little to tout for their mid-terms, other than hatred for Ted Cruz. (They hate him because he’s Hispanic…turnaround is fair play.)

Their accomplishments have come at a high expense.

Remember the movie Father of the Bride?

The blushing daughter felt the need to burn through daddy’s money, as her dreams for a utopia-like celebration surpassed everyone else’s.

Obama is that bride–the American taxpayer is the Father.


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