Selling the President’s Anger

The Obamacare “glitches” are giving America a view into the President’s more common way of governing.

We’re being told “he’s mad,” as if it’s something rare and unique.

I guess we’re supposed to believe his anger had nothing to do with every other scandal, like the NSA spying, the IRS abuse of power against conservatives, the roughing up of A.P. reporters, the Benghazi void of military support for American heroes, and on, and on, and on.

Every battle for Obama is personal…like a football player getting even with a team that cut him for being too slow.

His over-the-top sales pitch yesterday even has rank and file news pundits mocking his infomercial.

Check out this story from the Washington Post.

Mr. President…please get mad at few other things.

Government waste.

Lack of transparency.

Out of control national debt.

Then folks might actually believe you’re sincerity.

As for me, I’m not buying.


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