How Not to Eat Hummus

I like to share my hummus.

Ask my co-workers and relatives…they’ll confirm it.

In addition to them loving it like kids love ice cream, they’ve been instructed on the “dos” and “don’ts” of proper hummus consumption.

Rule number 1.

Never, ever, dip pita bread, or anything at all in the batch you’ve just made, or bought, or been gifted by me.

I learned this from my Aunt Evelyn, who owned San Diego’s first Lebanese bakery and delicatessen.

I was 17, and she caught me dipping their home-made pita into a giant bowl of hummus on display in the deli case.

I’m pretty sure kid-cousin Helen rib punched that day too, she was so appalled by my ignorance.

Umty explained, “the yeast from the bread, since it’s a culture and still alive, can work its way through the entire batch and spoil the flavor.”


If your hummus goes bad quickly, it’s probably that you’re not spooning it out into a separate dish, then eating it.

I’ve even noticed that other things, like carrots and celery, can interrupt the natural taste.

What’s my point today?

Beware the yeast of the Pharisees.


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