The Sox Other Papi

This time I did like hearing what Red Sox slugger David “Big Papi” Ortiz had to say.

Reporter Erin Andrews asked about Manager John Farrell, a few minutes after winning the 2013 American League Pennant.

David said “he was like a Daddy to the team…he always has our back.”

Much like Exodus 17, when Joshua was asked by Moses to fight Amalek, as long as father figure Moses held up his arms, Joshua and the children of Israel would succeed.

When his arms went down, due to fatigue, the tide turned.

Brother Aaron and Hur sat Moses down on a rock and stood beside him to help keep his arms aloft.

Like Moses, John Farrell–quite human–needed support from teammates who believed in something.

We too, when we fail God, still have the ability to go from worst to first.

Our loving Father has His arms lifted high and outstretched to encourage us to walk in power and wisdom.

LIke a grand slam in the late innings, God has our backs and victory (or should I say Victorino?) is ever ours.



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