Why Hillary & Not Michelle?

I made mention of this a few days ago.

It’s not out of my system yet.

Liberals are obsessed with two things.

1. Accusing every Conservative and Republican of being racist…using opposition to any Obama policy as proof of their hatred.

2. Getting Hillary elected in 2016.

Is it just me, or don’t folks see a problem here?

Why Hillary Clinton for President and not Michelle Obama?

Mrs. Obama is a soon to be former first lady, just like Mrs. Clinton.

She has real world knowledge of international problems.

She’s a community organizer liker her husband, promoting healthier eating standards.

I cannot believe how racist the Democrats are for dissing Michelle and not considering her for the top spot.

Sounds preposterous right?

So do all the unfounded accusations from the Left.

I just have one more thing to say–Ben Carson 2016–stop the Racist Democrats!


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