Life is Short–Don’t Have an Affair

I was cleaning out my spam filter this morning and saw this title.

“Life is short, have an affair.”

I never opened the email, but saw enough to know how warped some folks are when it comes to making money.

The Devil does put a bit of truth in every lie…life is short.

However, eternal life isn’t.

Neither is eternal death, its evil opposite.

In some ways, when we make excuses for our sins, we’re saying the same thing to God–“life is short, I need this craving fulfilled.”

It’s not just those promoting sexual fulfillment outside marriage that are guilty.

It’s those of us within a sacred marriage, dreaming of ways to distort it, who share the same crime.

Lord, help those lost in the promotion of pornography and adultery see the Light.

Help their victims, the vulnerable–yet still culpable–see and follow the Truth.


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