Racist Accusations Minus Evidence

Just about every political web site on the planet has shown the interview between Sean Hannity and Tavis Smiley, the African-American pundit.

Smiley said that in all economic indicators, Black Americans have gone down under the President.

I guess that must make Obama a racist.


Because there’s evidence of Black suffering.

You see, the Left has decided the best argument they can muster against Republicans during the Government stalemate is that they’re motivated by racism.

It doesn’t matter that Ted Cruz is Hispanic.

It’s irrelevant that most conservatives are pulling for Dr. Ben Carson to run for President in 2016.

I still have yet to find a single news article that has followed up on Smiley’s comments.


Well…you know why…because it’s a truth better left ignored by the liberal press.

So, next time you see commentary calling anyone who disagrees with Obama a racist, remind them there’s more evidence that Obama hates Blacks than anyone else.

It must be his evil White roots.

Oh…and one last thing…Why Hillary and not Michelle for 2016?



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