Somewhat Paraphrased “Slavery For All” Bob Dylan

Sometimes words get a bad wrap.

“Slavery” is one of those words.

It has a secondary meaning…”to serve.”

The Apostle Paul bragged about the One to Whom he was enslaved.

Romans 1:

Paul, a slave of Christ Jesus,
called to be an Apostle and set apart for the Gospel of God,
which he promised previously through his prophets in the holy Scriptures,
the Gospel about his Son, descended from David according to the flesh,
but established as Son of God in power
according to the Spirit of holiness
through resurrection from the dead, Jesus Christ our Lord.
Through him we have received the grace of apostleship,
to bring about the obedience of faith,
for the sake of his name, among all the Gentiles,
among whom are you also, who are called to belong to Jesus Christ;
to all the beloved of God in Rome, called to be holy.

Bob Dylan had an interesting spin in his song called “Gotta Serve Somebody.”

There are no options.

We serve God, or ourselves.

By serving ourselves we are blindly serving the enemy of God.

Good song Bob.


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