Gravity Movie Review

I’m not much on reading movie reviews of Hollywood critics.

But this film, from what I’ve heard, impressed the experts.

What I find far more helpful is feedback from friends and family.

This time it was my brother and his wife raving about Gravity.

My youngest and I went last night.

Much like a horror movie, there was suspense at every frame.

You know me, I’m always looking for the spiritual message.

For the first half of the flick, other than the incredible scenery, I was left hanging.

Then…something happened.

The main character, Dr. Ryan Stone, (Sandra Bullock) finally opens up her soul to mission-mate Matt Kowalsky (George Cluny).

As her reward, Kowalsky gives her the greatest gift of all.

Like any tragedy that befalls us, our pride, or the fact we may be offended by fate, is the wall that keeps us from seeing God’s will.

I encourage Christians to patronize this film with children 12 and up.

Though there are a tiny few 4LW’s, there’s no nudity or sexual innuendo and the story speaks truth about suffering souls separated from their loved ones.

No matter how far away we find ourselves, there’s always a Redeemer.

And…when we no longer fear death, only then can we start to live.



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